The Honeymoon is Over

As any mom can tell you, there’s this sweet little block of time right after your baby is born. For the first two or three weeks baby sleeps pretty much all the time, friends bring you dinner, and your partner is still home on parental leave. Then, baby daddy goes back to work and baby starts to think that “daytime” is from 4pm until 2am. It’s a bit rough, but at this point you at least still have thick, shiny hair, your fingernails are long and beautiful and your complexion is flawless (except for the bags under your eyes).

But then. THEN. Sometime around three months the hormones do a shift and suddenly your fingernails start to crack and break, your hair falls out in chunks large enough to make you fear baldness, your skin breaks out like you’re thirteen again, the weight loss plateaus and you begin to realize just how much work it’s actually going to take to get rid of that mushy tummy. Work that you have zero time or energy for.

Eleanor turns three months tomorrow. My hair started falling out this morning. *sigh*

On the bright side, a new kind of awesome starts around 3 months as baby begins to show signs that she might, someday, maybe adopt some semblance of a working sleep schedule. Which is nice because you’re probably looking at having to go back to work in the (very) near future. Three months is also about the time baby starts to get really smiley, does that adorable coo-squawk-baby dinosaur speak and becomes (slightly) less high-maintenance. It’s also the start of a rapid succession of awesome milestones that are going to take place almost every day and turn your ever-loving baby mama heart into one big bowl of gooey “awwww!”

So that’s where we are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I see some adorable chunky little baby thighs that are just begging to be nommed on.

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