Long weekend…except it was too short

I love three day weekends. Who doesn’t? I love them more than ever now that it means another day with Zach around to equal out the parent-to-kid ratio.

We spent Sunday of our Veteran’s Day Weekend at my parents house. I love going home to the house I grew up in. It just feels so…homey. Spending time with my parents always feels great too.

I think it’s safe to say Grandma enjoyed the visit too.  Oh, and she also got to witness the holy wrath of Eleanor’s temper. That is to say, she tried to give her a bottle. Yeah, Eleanor’s still not too keen on the whole bottle thing…

Zoey got in some quality cowgirl training time. We’ll be entering her in the county rodeo next week. Oh, and Eleanor made a new discovery this weekend too:

Wot’s this? I has fingers?? *nom, nom, nom*
Why didn’t anyone tell me how delicious fingers are????

Lastly, after studying the pictures in this post, I’m making a promise to start being better about using an actual camera instead of documenting my children’s entire lives through crappy iPhone pictures. That starts now…ish.

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