12 Weeks Young

Oh Eleanor. How can you already be 12 weeks old?? Slow it down, kiddo!

You are already so different from the tiny newborn you were just 2 months ago.

You like to lie in your “jungle” activity gym and kick the rattle toys while I defend you from your sisters over-zealous love. You are so close to rolling over it’s ridiculous (Don’t do it! Don’t even think about it!)

You smile and laugh and coo. I can set you down, sometimes for up to 20 minutes at a time, and you sit there – happy as can be in your swaddle – just watching us all.

You don’t like to be left alone. If you’re awake, you always like to see mom or dad or your big sister somewhere near you. Better yet, you want someone to be holding you.

You can calm yourself to sleep if the gas bubbles aren’t too bad. You still sleep in your swing at night, in the same room with mom and dad. I suppose soon you’ll be moving to your own room, but not too soon. Let’s not rush this growing up thing.

You are so beautiful. Outright gorgeous, actually. Your eyelashes are longer than mine and you receive lots of compliments on them. People stop us everywhere we go to peer into your car seat and exclaim about how sweet you are, how you look “just like a little porcelain doll.”

My favorite part though, is what happens when you see me. Every time your eyes lock on mine your face just lights up with this radiant smile! When you do that, it feels like the whole world could revolve around the sunshine joy in your face.

I love you sweet Eleanor.

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