Babes in No-Soy Land

If you’re going to cut soy out of your diet, it’s good to have some pretty strong motivation. Something that really makes you say, “Ok, this is worth it.” Let’s see, what’s my motivation again? Oh yeah:

Ok, that’s some pretty good motivation.

The best part is that it seems to be working. Eleanor has been MUCH less gassy, no longer screaming all the time, and consistently sleeping a 5-7 hour stretch each night. It’s not easy though. Soy is in EVERYTHING! Even the canola cooking spray has soy lecithin in it! Seriously?! It’s no joke, having to cook every meal and snack completely from scratch. I’ve got 29 years of habit of just being able to pop anything I want to into my mouth and not worry about it (I’ve been blessed with no allergies and a very fast metabolism. Sorry.) and those habits are very deeply ingrained. Be that as it may, I am profoundly grateful to be able to do something to make my sweet girl feel better. It’s such a joy to see her so smiley and calm most of the time now. I’ve also noticed that the baby weight is coming off rather quickly – I’ve lost 2 pounds this past week. A nice side effect of being able to eat only lettuce.

Another bonus to feeling better: Eleanor happily drank a couple ounces from a bottle last night and was gleefully sucking away on her binky. Yay! Mom might not have to be the human pacifier anymore! Hurray! She won’t starve when I go back to work in (*gulp!*) a little over 3 weeks. (Aaaahhh!!! Don’t think about it!! Don’t say it!! Hands over my ears, I can’t hear you, la la la la la)

I’m just going to go stare at the ridiculously long and gorgeous eyelashes on that baby for awhile and avoid reality a bit longer. Cheers!

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