Hospitals and Halloween

What a day. Today was the day for Eleanor’s appointments to find out what’s going on with her tummy troubles and lack of proper pooping. She had to endure a Barium Enema, which is not a pleasant procedure. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but it involves using contrast dye and taking more x-rays. I had to hold her arms above her head on a table for half an hour while she SCREAMED. The whole time she was looking straight into my eyes, like she was pleading with me to make it stop. There are few things in this world that feel worse than what I was feeling for that half hour.

After the test, I nursed and rocked and comforted her for awhile and then it was off to our meeting with the pediatric gastroenterologist. Zach met us at her office and I liked the doctor right away. The test shows that everything is normal, no obstruction or constipation at all actually. Just a lot of gas. The doctor feels that the problems Eleanor has been having (lots of gas and discomfort, diarrhea when she does poop, colicky symptoms, etc) are likely due to diet…my diet.

Apparently, many infants under 6 months (as many as 5 out of every 100) have an allergy to dairy and/or soy. Their little immune systems are just too immature and can’t handle the foreign milk product, and the soy products look a lot like dairy to their systems as well. She gets this dairy and soy from me, as I eat a LOT of dairy and soy is in pretty much everything these days. So I have to cut out all dairy and soy products from my diet. It will take at least a month before we can tell if it’s working.


Did I mention this is the same kid who took away sugar from my diet while pregnant due to gestational diabetes? And I just about went crazy. Need I also mention that chocolate has milk in it? And vegan chocolate has soy? It’s going to be a looooonngg year of breastfeeding…

The good news: all big scary things have been ruled out and Eleanor is healthy and safe. Also, 99% chance Eleanor will outgrow this allergy by 1 year old.

The bad news: no dairy and no soy. Oh Lord help me.

In other news, it was Halloween today! And Zoey’s first ever Trick-or-Treating experience! I was so proud when I heard her say “Trick-or-treat” and “thank you” to these total strangers – not a hint of fear or shyness when there’s candy to be had! We went with some friends of ours and it was an all-around fun, positive experience.

Elmo and Ladybug Girl
The Dads
Grandpa got to be there for the first Trick-or-Treat too. Now that’s a treat!

Happy Halloween ya’ll! Enjoy that delicious chocolaty candy for me. :/

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