Blog and ye shall receive

So, apparently, just the act of stating your whiny “my baby won’t poop or sleep” issues  to the internet-y universe triggers some kind of karmic response fixing said issues and ultimately making you look like a total boob.

Yesterday evening we opened the door for the babysitter, handed over the baby with WAY too much glee and practically ran to the car for our twice-monthly date night (we ARE still newlyweds, after all). The babysitter then spent the next hour sending me text messages (with photo proof) of Eleanor enjoying her pacifier and taking a bottle. You know. All the things I just posted about her no longer doing.

Then. THEN! We came home to a very hungry, cranky baby (she had decided 1 oz from the bottle was enough). The babysitter left, I fed Eleanor and then….POOP! She pooped! All one her own! Ok maybe it was a result of the, *ahem* “exam” the doctor had done earlier in the day, but who cares she POOPED!

And then the best part. 30 minutes of smiley happy playing cooing baby followed by 7 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES of uninterrupted sleep!!! That hasn’t happened since…oh about the time I was 6 weeks pregnant with Eleanor and started puking my guts out night and day. Yeah. It’s been awhile.

Will posting this trigger another karmic event and cause tonight’s attempts at sleep to be total crap? Yeah, probably. But I don’t care. Right now I’m so blissed out on sleep that I need to radiate my joy to all 5 of the people who read this blog. Enjoy and happy Friday ya’ll!

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