Warning: this post is all about baby poop (and the lack thereof)

Eleanor doesn’t poop. It’s a problem.
Back in September, we all caught some kind of GI bug and both girls stopped pooping. At Zoey’s 2 year check-up I mentioned that neither kid had pooped in 5 days, but the doc wasn’t too concerned. The next day, Zoey finally pooped, but Eleanor didn’t. After 8 days Eleanor seemed so uncomfortable I broke down and gave her a suppository to make her poop. It worked great and she clearly felt much better.

After that, however, she went right on not pooping. About every 5 days it would get to the point where she was so uncomfortable she couldn’t stay asleep for more than 10 minutes and was constantly crying in discomfort. So I would break down and give her a suppository, she’d poop and life would be better. Except the interval between her pooping and the point where she had gone too long without pooping and was hurting again keeps getting shorter. And now, what comes out after a suppository is pretty much pure liquid and smells really bad (TMI – sorry).

At Eleanor’s 2 month checkup the doc told us that it could be normal for some babies to only poop every 7-10 days and to try giving her some watered down apple juice or prune juice if she seemed uncomfortable. The problem with that is Eleanor started rejecting the bottle about the day after that appointment, which was the first week of October. Some of you may remember how Zoey would scream like we were torturing her whenever we tried to give her a bottle and refused to take one until she was almost a year old. As she also refused to eat most solid foods, I was the ONLY one who could feed her for almost a year. Which meant I could never leave her. When I went to work she pretty much wouldn’t eat for 13 hours (which luckily was during the night since I was on nightshift then).  So you can imagine how excited I was to have a baby who liked the bottle and how upsetting it is to have her suddenly stop taking it. And now, for the past 3 or 4 days, she has been rejecting the pacifier too, which means that we have no way to soothe her other than holding and bouncing and patting.
We’ve tried gripe water and on Tuesday I started her on some daily (really expensive!) probiotics. None of that seems to be helping at this point. Today I took her to see a doctor and he had an x-ray taken of her belly. She doesn’t have a  blockage but her colon seems to be bigger than it should be. So on Wednesday (the soonest they can do it) we’re having another x-ray done using contrast dye to see what’s going on, and then we meet with a pediatric gastroenterologist. Hopefully she’ll be able to tell us what’s going on and offer a solution.

So for the next week until then, pray for poop.

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