Can You Tell Me How to Get to Zoey’s World?

I get REALLY nauseous in the first trimester of pregnancy. Like can’t even keep down water, not even while taking anti-nausea meds around the clock, face down on the bathroom floor all day nauseous. So, as a result, Zoey became really well acquainted with Sesame Street this past year. And let me tell you, that kid loves her some muppets (what kid doesn’t, right?). So it was really easy to pick a theme for her 2nd birthday party this year: Sesame Street. As a side note, never in a million years did I think I’d be the mom planning a “themed” 2 year old birthday party. But I here I was, all summer, Pinteresting the hell out of this party. And I loved it. I blame pregnancy/breastfeeding/mommy hormones.

She now completely understands the concept of Birthday = Presents.

She got homemade playdough from mom, a gift she was a bit unsure about the first time she touched it but has since come to love. Intensely.

Here are some pictures of the party. They describe it far better than I could:

Front door decoration
Cookie Monster, Elmo and Oscar snack trays made of veggies and berries
Really awesome Zoe Monster cake my mom made
New toddler table & chairs from grandma & grandpa were a huge hit. As was the really cool circus tent we found for $20 at Ikea
That is one happy Birthday Girl. Big Bird seems to be enjoying himself too.

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