Harvesting Fun

I love fall. It’s my favorite season. My birthday, Zoey’s birthday, the Fair, leaves changing color, the weather cooling down (because, you know, it gets so overwhelmingly hot here in the Pacific Northwest), back to school, hot chai tea, rainfall, football…there’s so much to love about autumn.
Today we indulged in that love by attending a Harvest Festival put on by a local church. It was really a great event. Geared for the 2-6 year old range, it was right up our alley. Zoey got to go “fishing” over a wall for treats, decorate a foam picture frame with foam leaves (yay for foam!), launch Halloween themed stuffed animals from a catapult, and even got her face painted for the first time.

We were thrilled to find that her face did not, in fact, become a fire-truck red, swollen masterpiece with the title “How Not To Be Good Parents” as we had feared it might. What can I say?  The kid has sensitive skin.

It was sunny and gorgeous outside and the event was held inside, so naturally we bundled Eleanor up in head-to-toe knitted awesomeness:

My Great-Aunt Val made those booties for Zoey (with a matching sweater, cap and blanket) when she was born and the yellow sweater (with another matching blanket and cap) for Eleanor. I adore them! They are incredibly soft, machine washable and just downright adorable. In fact, Zoey sleeps with her blanket from Aunt Val every night and has been known to refuse to be taken out of her crib in the morning unless the blanket came too. The hat is on loan from a friend who has a daughter 3 months older than Eleanor. It’s so stinkin’ cute that I pretty much put it on her 24/7.
Anyway, the Harvest Fest was lots of fun, we all ate too much sugar (Zoey now knows the word candy. She did not know that word prior to 10:00 this morning) and Zoey crashed for a 2+ hour nap afterward (must do festivals like this more often!) .

In other news, I got Zach to hang up my birthday present that he gave me Thursday evening (note: my birthday is in mid-September). I absolutely LOVE it!

He had a newborn picture of each girl enlarged and framed, then added custom-engraved nameplates with their nicknames at the bottom of each frame (notice the really awesome blankets from Auntie Val in each picture? That’s right – we packed them in the hospital bag for each kid’s birth so we’d have them for their newborn pictures). It was the fault of the frame shop that it took so long for me to get my present, and I have to say, it was worth waiting for.

I’m pretty sure this pumpkin weighed at least half as much as Zoey does.

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