Mama’s Taking Us to the Zoo Today…and Tomorrow…and the Next Day…

We love the zoo. A lot. So much, Zach and I actually got married at the zoo. Right next to the penguins (they mate for life you know). The free-roaming peacock even showed up for the party, much to the delight of our younger wedding guests.

So it didn’t take much to convince us to buy a zoo membership, and I have to say I love it. In fact, I think we’ve been to the zoo 4 times just since the beginning of October. Every Halloween-season the zoo gives pumpkins to a  bunch of the animals and zoo-goers get to watch them smash, bash, roll, eat and play with the pumpkins. This was the first time we went and it was a blast! The hippos were definitely a highlight:

nom, nom, nom!

The baby snow leopards were pretty great too, playing with and batting at the pumpkins, then jumping back in fright when the lid finally popped off (they stuff hollowed out pumpkins with treats for a lot of the animals).

That was on Saturday, and today we went back with a friend for another go-round (minus the pumpkins – they’re a weekend-only event). Today’s highlight? Crows, a big sign with pictures of flamingos (as opposed to the real, live flamingos directly behind us), and puddles.

Eleanor preferred the exhibit entitled “Inside of my eyelids. As seen from the stroller.” I hear it was a great exhibit.

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