2 Months x 2 Kids = 2 Sleepy Parents

Eleanor is 2 months old today.

Yeah, yeah. Don’t let the cute little sleepy pumpkin face fool you. This kid has reflux AND colic and I haven’t slept more than 4 or 5 hours (with frequent interruptions) in weeks. Zoey was just as bad as a newborn. Worse, in fact, since she hated pacifiers and being swaddled. And by” hated” I mean with the fiery passion of many burning suns. Eleanor, she loves her a good swaddle. The pacifier often helps too. But even with those tricks, I’d still say we’re having a harder time with Eleanor because it’s not like I can just sleep whenever she does during the day like I did when we just had one kid. Also, Zoey would fall asleep on our chests in bed with us at least. Eleanor seems to require CONSTANT movement to stay asleep. The best  recipe we’ve found for getting Eleanor to sleep is:

1) swaddle baby

2) set baby in the car seat

3) set car seat on top of yoga ball and bounce vigorously.

4) Apply binky if needed.

5) Do not stop bouncing until at least several minutes after eyes have closed and baby appears to be asleep.

6) Carry car seat to where baby swing is (swinging car seat while walking!)

7) Turn on swing BEFORE removing baby from car seat and quickly transferring to baby swing

8) Turn on baby swing vibration feature as well

9) Curse the short life of batteries in swings that have to run 20 hours a day

10) Try to change batteries without baby waking up

11) Curse more when baby wakes up and then return to step 2 and repeat. Repeat as many times as necessary, sometimes every 5-10 minutes.

12) Give up and find something on TV to watch as YOU sit on the yoga ball holding baby who suddenly is zonked out completely as long as her head is on your shoulder and you don’t stop moving.

So. That’s where we are. But isn’t she cute?!?!

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