Hello fascinated internet people with nothing better to do than read my rambles

A blog? Why a blog?

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a little over 2 years now. The biggest factor holding me back has been my reluctance to seem too self-important. What do I have to say that could possibly be interesting enough to warrant a blog? Who would want to read that?

However, I’ve finally decided to do it for several reasons:

1) Maybe if I have a writing outlet for some of my frustrations my poor husband won’t have to listen to me whine as much. Maybe.

2) Everybody’s doing it. (ok, not really)

3) This is the biggest reason: my kids are growing so fast. I want a place to journal about all the amazing things they do, the funny things they say, the way they make me laugh and cry and get frustrated and exhausted and deliriously happy. The everyday stuff. So that I won’t ever forget a moment of this amazing life. So that someday I can show them just how funny and smart and cute and downright awesome they are.

So…here goes nothing.

A little about me:

Married 2 years and some change, living in the Pacific Northwest where I was born and raised, mom to two amazing girls: Zoey (now 2 years old) and Eleanor (2 months tomorrow!) I’m also a nurse in an ICU.

Some ideas for future posts I plan to write:

1) My kids’ birth stories

2) Zoey’s 2nd birthday party (it was awesome!)

3) All about Zoey – age 2

4) All about Eleanor – age 2 months

5) Any other amazing things that happen

Feel free to suggest things you’d like to read about. And yes, there will be lots of picture posting as well.

Thanks for reading!


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